Global Client Solutions (GCS)

Global Client Solutions (GCS)

GCS arranges and participates in tailored structured finance solutions for corporate clients with specific financial objectives, which may have particular credit/solvency, fiscal, accounting or legal/ regulatory issues.

GCS comprises an international team of 40 experienced multi-disciplinary, professionals with backgrounds across various fields including legal, regulatory, tax, actuarial, accounting, capital markets and banking. GCS currently has offices in Antwerp, Dublin, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, London, New York and Utrecht.

GCS Dublin is committed to delivering added-value ideas to clients of Rabobank Dublin. We work closely with our clients, and Corporate Banking relationship managers, to solve individual problems with bespoke solutions.

Examples of areas where GCS Dublin can assist:

  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt financing
  • Vendor financing
  • Alternative funding structures for primary producers
  • Structured term funding
  • Supply chain finance (including recourse and non-recourse structures)
  • Structured deposit solutions
  • Off balance sheet or complex asset financing
  • Leasing structures
  • Brand financing and monetisation of intellectual property cashflows
  • Tailored solutions for co-operatives
  • Inventory solutions
  • Bespoke solutions