Rabobank Dublin recognises that high standards of Environmental Management are required to support its business management objectives and customer needs and therefore offers a valuable contribution towards the operational performance, environmental compliance and profitability of the company.

This policy is supported by, and forms part of our environmental system to ensure compliance with all applicable legislation including in particular:

  • Environmental Protection Agency Acts 1992 and 2003
  • Waste Management Acts 1996 to 2003
  • Litter Pollution Acts 1997 to 2003
  • and other applicable legislation and regulations under the above legislation.

Rabobank Dublin understands that legislation sets minimum standards for compliance, with this understanding we shall work towards exceeding these minimum standards and compliance with the standards of our clients.

Rabobank Dublin is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees and others who may be affected by any of the company’s operations or activities and also to ensure that none of these activities are detrimental to the environment.