The relationship between a company and its employees has a very significant impact on the other key relationship – that of the company and its customers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the area of Workplace is an important aspect of any business since it is a company’s skilled and motivated employees that deliver productivity, customer service and innovative ideas. The benefits that accrue include increased productivity and performance; higher morale, innovation and creativity and increased employee retention.

As part of Rabobank Dublin's commitment to improving well-being in the workplace, the bank have invested substantially in employee facilities and in people development and regularly implement improvements and enhancements with the objective of improving employee satisfaction.

Employees are encouraged to participate in CSR events at work and through their communities and up to two days community leave can be taken each year. Opportunities to develop skills are provided through extensive investment in learning and development programmes and further education is also sponsored by the bank. Employee engagement and regular communication are important in any large organisation and great efforts are made to involve employees in their day to day work through the implementation of various process improvement methodologies including daily team meetings in very many areas. Most of our leadership programmes include individual assessments that can be used by employees to create their own personal development plans.

Wherever possible flexible working is encouraged and many employees work a schedule which is adapted to their own needs and family circumstances. Social events are held regularly and supported and encouraged.

Health and well being initiatives are regularly implemented and promoted to encourage employees to improve their lifestyle and physical and emotional health. A fully equipped gym is available on site. Support programmes for employees include pension schemes, an independent counselling service to assist employees with any work related or family matters.

Recent initiatives include a significant investment in employee restaurant facilities with enhanced service offerings over longer hours and the encouragement of more sustainable travel by the improvement for facilities for the many employees who choose to cycle to work.